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November 20, 2011
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Chapter 3

Pinkie headed off to see if Rainbow dash was in her usual place, a clearing on the outskirts on Ponyville where she was usually practicing new tricks or teaching Scootaloo how to fly or just some simple ground tricks. Scootaloo idolized Rainbow Dash and used to jump at any chance to spend time with her.

"Hey, umm Rainbow Dash?"

"Yea kiddo?"

"I was just wondering….is there anypony faster than you?"

"If you count the ponies of Ponyville….nope. But if you take the Princesses they are probably the only ones who can probably beat me."

"You think I'll ever be able to go as fast as you?"

"Well of course kiddo! You've been practicing really hard and I'm pretty sure with a little more flying practice you'll be just as fast as me, who knows maybe even faster!"

"Really!?" Scootaloo gave Rainbow Dash the biggest smile she could.

"But when I say that it doesn't mean you get faster within a day or two, you need to practice more and your wings need to get bigger. But you really are daring for a filly your age and you have quite the taste in who you follow 'round kid." said Rainbow Dash, ending that last part with a wink.

"Well who else can I follow 'round? Nopony's as awesome as you Dash!"

"Hehe yea, I guess you're right! Anyway wanna see some new tricks I've been working on? I need to get somepony's opinion and I think the first pony to see my new moves should be you!"

"Aww really!? That would be so cool!!!" Scootaloo said as her face lit up one would feel her face was going  to explode with all the excitement contained within the filly.

With that Rainbow Dash started performing some of her new tricks including all sorts of  flips, rotations and dives. Rainbow Dash landed and was just getting ready to take off  when a certain pink earth pony known as Pinkie Pie appeared infront of Rainbow Dash without any warning causing Rainbow Dash to jump backwards and almost fall over instead of jumping forward to take flight and perform one last trick for Scootaloo, who was also surprised by the sudden appearance of Pinkie Pie.

"Hey Dashie!!" said Pinkie with a big grin on her face.

"Pinkie!! I told you to stop sneaking up on me especially when I'm about to perform a trick" said Rainbow Dash as she picked herself off the ground dusting the dirt from her mane and wings.

"Sorry, but I thought you loved a few pranks now and then?"

"I do, but I was just about to perform a stunt and if I had managed  to have taken flight, I would have been distracted and I could have crashed into something!"

"Well sorry again but I would imagine you'd be used to crashing every now and then before you got one of your new tricks right trying to impress the Wonderbolts" said Pinkie as she giggled a little.

"Haha very funny! You've never tried tricks like these so you wouldn't understand how difficult they are"

"And you don't get how difficult parties are to plan especially on short notice. There are rules to follow to have a perfect party y'know!"

"What? Rules? That just stu-" Rainbow Dash started only to be cut off by Pinkie.

"Before we really get into a conversation I should tell you, we're all having a picnic later today you wanna join?"

"Yea I guess I'll be there it's not like I'm doing much"

"Great! See you there!" said Pinkie as she bounced away back into town.
Well chapter 3 is here. If you find mistakes or anything that needs to be changed just send me a note and i'll get to it right away.
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And cover art also done by :icontrue-amateur:
Here: [link]
And don't forget to give him some kick-ass for saying the pic isn't That good. lol
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true-amateur Nov 20, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hahahahaha, good one, bud, for both =P
true-amateur Nov 23, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconfacehoofplz: No we're not gonna do this again...
:icondashlolplz: we're having enough trouble continuing the the first
true-amateur Nov 24, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:icontwilightblushplz: yeah... sorta,
:iconapplejackreally: We need to stop before it starts again XD
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