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November 29, 2011
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Chapter 4



"Everything ready?"

"Yup just one more……and done."

"Good job Spike, I'm gonna take off now to meet the others, I'll be back a little later ok? You're sure you don't wanna come along? Rarity will be there and she just might need somepony to help her with something." Said Twilight ending with a giggle.

"Ha Ha very funny Twilight, as tempting as that sounds I'm gonna stay here. And with Pinkie Pie arranging the whole thing I'm 100 percent positive that it's gonna be to much for me to keep up with. And Fluttershy asked my to keep an eye on her animals today remember?"

"Oh yea I forgot. I don't know how she's able to take care of so many animals"

"Hey that's her special talent well I'm off and you should be too if you don't wanna be late"

"Oh yea!" Twilight said and she giggled a little.


"Urgh really Sweetie Belle! How many times have I told you not to go into the kitchen unsupervised? Just look at the mess you've made! Now I'll need a miracle to clean up on time and not be late for my day out with the girls!"

"Sorry Rarity, I just wanted to help. Well I guess I can scratch Cutie Mark Crusaders Sandwich Maker off of the list"

"It's ok dear I know you meant well. Now help me clean up and you can go out and play"

"OK!" said Sweetie Belle rushing up to one of her many messes and starting to clean as fast as she could.

About half and hour had gone by and they had just scrubbed the last stain off of the table.

"Alright dear now you can go out and play and if you need anything I'll be in the park with the others"

"Alright Rarity see ya later!" with that said Sweetie Belle rushed out of the door eager to try out something new to see if her special talent would be revealed.

"Well that went faster than expected. Now I can still make it on time, off I go" said Rarity to herself picking up the basket of sandwiches Sweetie Belle made earlier." Well at least her cooking has gotten better since the last time she tried to cook breakfast". Walking out the door she stopped only once to check if she was looking proper and satisfied with what she saw, walked out shutting the door behind her and headed for Sugarcube Corner.


"Alright Apple Bloom i'm off for the day, and thanks for lettin' me borrow a bottle of yer Apple Bourbon Big Mac. It's a bit early for that true but ah guess it won't hurt to sip a glass while just doin nothin' hehe"

"No problem AJ" said Big Mac

"Well, ah'm off so see ya'll later"

"See ya later sis" said Apple Bloom as she trotted off to the Cutie Mark Crusader clubhouse.


"Well umm shouldn't Spike be here already? Oh I do hope he gets here soon, well maybe he just had some work to take care of I'm sure he'll be here soon right?" Fluttershy looked to Angel who just gave a grumpy look in return. Then she heard her door open and saw Spike enter.

"Hey Fluttershy! Sorry I'm late I just had some work to take care of at the library"

"Oh my goodness thank Celestia you're safe! I though something must've happened to you on your way here!"

"Umm I didn't think I would worry you I'm sorry I should have told you I might be a little late"

"That's ok Spike." Fluttershy said with a smile." You sure you're fine here all by yourself?"

"Oh relax Fluttershy I've done this before, remember? Now you might wanna take off if you don't wanna be late. If I need anything I know where to find you and if it's anything very important I'll just send a message to Twilight"

"Ok then…umm Bye"

"See ya later" said spike as he closed the door behind Fluttershy.


"Alright I'm done practicing for the day and just in time too. It's time to go meet the others but I better go freshen up and get this dirt off of me cause if I don't I'm pretty sure I'll be getting a lecture about how I'm supposed to look in public from none other than… Rarity! Ugh WHY does she have to be so particular about stuff like this?" Rainbow Dash complained to herself as Scootaloo had left earlier to meet up with Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom.

Rainbow Dash flew back to her house in the clouds and in a few minutes she was ready to go.


"Hey Girls! There you are! I was starting to think you weren't gonna show!"

"Yeah sorry Pinkie we got a little tied up with preparations and what to bring" said Twilight.

"Yeah Sugarcube we each brought what we could hoping it would last us the day"

"Well from what I see we've got more than enough to last us the whole day and maybe even more!" Rainbow Dash stated as she arrived at Sugarcube Corner.

"There you are Rainbow Dash I was starting to wonder if you would show up at all!"

"What? Me? Not showing up? Never! I may be late but I would never miss a day like this! And umm sorry for not bringing anything I kinda almost forgot about the whole thing!"

"That's ok Dashie! We could even do with a little less food, but no matter we won't let it go to waste we'll just have to find somepony to join us" said Pinkie Pie

"Well that's cool then so…what are we waiting for? Let's move it! We're burnin' good daylight!"

"Well off we go!" said Twilight as she walked out of Sugarcube Corner followed By Pinkie, AJ, Rainbow Dash, Rarity and lastly Fluttershy.
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This is good, thank you!

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true-amateur Dec 2, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
for everything!
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